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If you wanted get model, how would you do it?

Excellence starts with belief

What makes us achieve our best in a sport?  Is it strength, intelligence or luck?  Well, at BigHealth Fitness Store, we believe that Muhammad Ali is right when he says:

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.”

In other words, when you set your mind to something, it’s possible, no matter what it may be.

It’s an attitude we adopt here at BigHealth Fitness Store.  In fact, the belief that we can be the best has helped us to excel at what we do – fitting out gyms, clubs and sports people in Ireland and UK. What’s more, we want you to be your best too, and we’re passionate about helping you achieve this.

So how do we do it?  It’s all down to the dedication and professionalism of our people.  Whether you call into our Lexington Store, speak to our Customer Service Team, or deal with one of our  representatives, the experience will be the same.  You’ll find people whose enthusiasm for sport, whose understanding of fitness and whose first-hand knowledge of our equipment means you’ll get the right information and the best advice to make an informed purchase.

Meeting the needs of everyone

Meeting everyone’s need may seem a tall order, but that’s what we do.  Whether it’s for an international sports team, a local gym, the school playground or an enthusiastic amateur, BigHealth Fitness Store really does have the right equipment to meet your needs.

In fact, we might even be meeting them right now, without you knowing.  The rugby posts and football goals in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium?  They’re ours.  The Matrix equipment in BigHealth Fitness Store? Ours too.  That’s to say nothing of all the equipment we’ve put into schools, universities, youth organisations, leisure centres, sports halls and gyms, the length and breadth of Lexington.


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